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We combine consumer psychology with social media marketing to generate sales growth for SMEs

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We focus on getting leads for you, not just likes

because you can’t bring likes to the bank

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Canny is a social media marketing agency that focuses on generating long lasting sales growth for SMEs. We combine a specialised knowledge in sales psychology with social media marketing to make customers buy more of your products through social media platforms. We have systemised the entire process to be repeatable, and predictable.

We call this S3: The Social Selling System.

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“Using their social media marketing service, Canny has helped me generate 6 figures in sales every month. They are the sharpest, most effective marketing agency I have worked with so far. No other agency comes close.”

How We Generate Measurable Sales Leads For Our Clients

Measure and Optimise

1. Research

This is our foundation. The bedrock that makes everything work. We first conduct in-depth research using analytic tools to gather a deep understanding of your customers, your market, your business, and your goals.

2. Strategise

We then interpret the data we obtained from research, and create a custom-tailored social media campaign based our findings.

3. Execute

We execute the social media campaign which comprises of direct sale ads to generate immediate sales, strategic content postings to build your brand, and lead generation to capture customers who might buy from you in future.

4. Measure and Optimise

We measure every important metric that matters in sales growth. We act on the data and make improvements continually to maximise campaign performance.

Our Free Case Study

Find out how we increased leads and call ups for a popular gym by 30%


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Our Services

Social Media Marketing

Building fan base
Engaging influencers
Identifying strategic objectives
Monetizing and measuring


Market research on target market
Building top-of-mind awareness
Identifying unique selling propositions

Content Marketing

Crafting content strategy
Setting up engagement framework
Developing persuasive content

Email Marketing

Email copywriting
Sales funnel strategy

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Don’t waste your money with social media campaigns that just involve "posting content and getting likes". That's lame. Make your investment back multiple times by getting a social media marketing campaign that generates sales for your business, 24/7.

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