The only social media marketing course taught by specialists who helped SMEs generate over $1,000,000 in sales from Facebook

If you are an SME that manages your Facebook page inhouse but hasn’t seen significant results… If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn a sure-fire way to generate a flood of leads to your business at a lower cost… If you are a marketing manager who wants to find new ways to boost sales for your company… Then this course  was made for you.

Introducing The Social Media Sales Course The only social media marketing course that shows you how generate a consistent stream of paying customers for your products, taught by agencies owners who have sold over $1000,000 worth of products on social media.

What you will learn in this course…

  1. The one thing you need to do before you market on Facebook that increases your success rate by 90%.
  2. How to set up your Facebook page for the highest chance of success
  3. How to position yourself as the most sought after brand in your industry
  4. How to grow a community of raving fans that want to buy more products from you (we have helped grown SMEs to 50k fans)
  5. How to come up with Facebook posts that people are dying to share
  6. The most effective Facebook Advertising formula that generated $220,000 in sales in one month for a local SME
  7. How to turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers forever

The only social media course created from real client case studies, brought to you by leading marketing agency Canny Digital. Canny Digital is a digital marketing agency on a mission to help SMEs and entrepreneurs grow with smarter, ROI-driven marketing. Social media is not about posting “creative posts” on Facebook. That’s lame. We have generated over $5,000,000 in sales for our clients using sales-driven social media strategies that work. While most courses teach you basic things such as Facebook features, we will teach you how to properly use those features to generate sales for your company, and build a cult-like following of fans. All that you will learn is not based on “theory,” like every course out there. We pull back the curtain and reveal everything we have done in REAL LIFE to generate real sales for our clients. You will learn all of these things and more in this course.

Our clients see an average of 23% increase in sales We are business consultants first, social media marketers second. When you attend our course, make no mistake – it’s all about delivering a return on investment. We are not here to teach you how to post useless “creative” posts on Facebook. We will show you how to turn your Facebook page into your best salesman that generates sales for your business every single month.

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A 2-day course that will turn you into a social media, sales-generating master Broken down into 7 modules for easy consumption

  1. Module 1 (Day 1) Facebook foundations: Learn the 5 principles of Facebook marketing for maximum ROI
  2. Module 2 (Day 1) Mastering the key features of Facebook and which one to use for your business needs
  3. Module 3 (Day 1) How to build a cult-like fan base on Facebook (we used this exact method to build over 50,000 fans for a local SME)
  4. Module 4 (Day 2) Facebook Advertising Masterclass: The 4-step Facebook ads system that generated $220,000 in sales for a local SME
  5. Module 5 (Day 2) How to measure Social Media success? – Only with measurement can you improve your performance. We will show you how
  6. Module 6 (Day 2) Instagram Marketing Masterclass – How to use instagram to build your brand for long term success
  7. Module 7 (Day 2) Video/Photo Production For Generating Leads – Learn how to produce high quality videos and photos without spending a bomb

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Facebook Marketing Foundations
Part 1 Learn the 5 principles of Facebook marketing for maximum ROI
Part 2 What is a Facebook page, Facebook profile, and Facebook group?
Part 3 The 5-point checklist to setting up a Facebook page to ensure success
Part 4 The proper way to use Facebook as a marketing and branding tool
Part 5 The secret ingredient that must be combined with Facebook to generate massive sales
Part 6 The biggest Facebook marketing secret in history
Part 7 Most important thing you must do before starting any Facebook marketing campaign
Part 8 How much should you spend on Facebook ads?
Module 2: Mastering the key features of Facebook to generate leads
Part 1 A step by step walkthrough of Facebook's most important features for lead generation
Part 2 How do you make a good Facebook page?
Part 3 How to create the different kinds of Facebook ads
Part 4 Interpreting Facebook ads results to better optimize future campaigns
Part 5 A full walkthrough on Facebook's Power Editor and Ads Manager
Part 6 Understanding Facebook Insights (analytics) and finding the best audience
Part 7 Using Facebook's lead generation function to capture leads
Part 8 How to run and manage multiple Facebook campaign
Part 9 What is Facebook pixel and how to use it?
Part 10 How to do split-testing on your ads to maximise ROI
Module 3: How to build a cult-like fan base for your company
Part 1 Why producing content regularly is the most important thing you must do
Part 2 How to develop a Unique Selling Proposition for your company
Part 3 How to get 5000 REAL "Likes" in a few months
Part 4 How to find the best content ideas that will increase engagements
Part 5 How to create engaging posts that people are dying to read and share
Part 6 How to create lifelong customers from "Facebook Likes"
Part 7 The one strategy that can make Facebook marketing twice as effective
Part 8 7 best ideas that have increased organic reach for our clients
Part 9 How to design eye-catching graphics without Photoshop skills
Part 10 How to plan for your company's content marketing strategy
Module 4: Facebook Advertising Masterclass
Part 1 The exact system we used to generate $220k in sales in a month for a local SME
Part 2 How to use Facebook pixel to double the effectiveness of your Facebook ads
Part 3 The kind of headlines that will capture your audience's attentions
Part 4 Improve Facebook ad results with this secret ingredient that nobody talks about
Part 5 How to interpret Facebook Insights (anaytics) to improve on your next campaign
Part 6 Understanding Facebook different ad formats and what works best for you
Part 7 How to design a Facebook ad that gets a huge number of clicks
Part 8 3 things to do to maximize your Facebook ad results each month
Part 9 Setting up the follow up system that generated $150,000 for a local SME
Part 10 How to automate your social media marketing across different platforms
Module 5: How To Measure Social Media Success?
Part 1 The 7 key metrics you need to measure and what they mean
Part 2 Learn the different KPIs to measure for different types of campaigns
Part 3 Focus on results that matter most and avoid being distracted by the rest
Part 4 See deeper into the analytics to see what is working
Part 5 Is mobile or desktop result better? Learn how to analyze
Part 6 Planning for your next campaign based on the results
Module 6: Instagram Marketing Masterclass
Part 1 What's the difference between Instagram and Facebook advertising?
Part 2 What kind of posts work on Instagram
Part 3 Learn how to run ads on Instagram
Part 4 Discover how to get a lower cost-per-click on Instagram
Part 5 Improving your reach and clickthrough rates
Part 6 Growing your Instagram fan base without spending a dollar on advertising
Module 7: Video/Photo Production for Generating Leads
Part 1 Videos get 1200% more shares than text and image posts
Part 2 How to use iPhone to shoot professional-looking HD videos
Part 3 How to get high quality audio in your videos
Part 4 Entertaining videos work best in promoting your services/products
Part 5 A video explaining how your product works has the best results

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the only social media marketing course in Asia that shows you a proven system you can use to generate sales from social media. It is also taught by digital agencies owners who have generated over $1,000,000 in sales from social media. You won’t learn theory. You will learn based on what works in real life.

If you are an SME in retail or health and beauty, managing your own Facebook book page, then this course was created for you. If you are a marketing manager who wants to increase revenue for your company, then this course is for you. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to predictably generate leads for your new company, then this course is for you.

Yes, our course is fully certified. Upon finishing the course, you will get a certification of achievement to acertain your skills as a social media director.