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Many people assume that social media marketing is about posting random Facebook posts, and running a $50 Facebook boosted ad now and then – things that anyone can do for you. STOP. You are completely wrong. And if you continue to think that way, you will continue to experience slow sales growth from your social media efforts.

  1. You need to know how to stand out and beat your competitors, even with a lower budget
  2. You need to have deep expertise in sales and marketing to make Facebook marketing work
  3. You need to understand what makes customers buy your products
  4. You need to know why customers should choose you over your competitors
  5. You need to know how to use advanced Facebook features to target and retarget your customers specifically
  6. You need to know many more things…

If you don’t know any of the above…

then managing your own social media marketing campaign is probably not a wise decision.

You will be wasting your time and money. Getting each component and tactic all lined up correctly to produce the results you want is not a simple task. From our experience, at least 85% of SMEs are wasting their money with marketing due to lack of expertise and proper tracking. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can generate a flood of leads to your company with proper, smarter, and more effective social media marketing. And that is where we come in. We help you manage your social media marketing campaign to generate real paying customers for your company.

Here's what you'll get with our social media marketing service:

  1. We set up your Facebook page to be a sales-generating machine
  2. We do indepth research to understand how to make customers choose you over your competitors. We help to position your company as the most sought after brand in your industry
  3. We grow a community of raving fans that want to buy more products from you (we have helped grown SMEs to 37k fans)
  4. We produce meaningful, and persuasive content to attract more customers
  5. We develop Facebook posts that people are dying to share
  6. We turn your Facebook fans into loyal, long-term customers
  7. We help you find your best-paying customers
  8. Build a powerful online presence that makes your company the obvious choice for customers
  9. Measure the effectiveness of the dollars you spend

Why Choose Canny Digital?

Proven formula that generates sales
  • We are the only agency with a proven formula that consistently generates paying customers for our clients (not likes or shares), in order to ensure the most ROI.
Most case studies
  • We are the only agency with such an extensive list of social media marketing case studies in Singapore.
Sales-generating content
  • We are the only agency that has a deep specialisation in creating content that generates sales.
Proven track record
  • We are the only agency that not only measures our client’s results, but also understands how to interpret data to improve performance. We have helped hundreds of SMEs increase sales by an average of 233%. Just take a look at our case studies.
Affordable marketing service
  • We are the only agency that gives you a specialised team of 3 social media experts, for the price of half a full-time marketing manager.

If your business isn’t getting all the leads and sales you want, then we can help with a proven process that has helped hundreds of companies like yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in Retail, F&B, Health and Beauty, Education, then social media is definitely for you. 95% of shoppers begin their purchase journey online, and your customers check their Facebook news feed every single day. There is no better channel to engage with them. If your business is not in any of the aforementioned industries, check with us for a more in-depth analysis of your business needs.

The top 5 benefits of social media marketing is: cheapest way to acquire customers cheapest way to build brand awareness Singapore has the highest social media penetration rate in the world. If you’re not utilizing social media, you’re missing out big time be seen as a credible company

Effective social media marketing is not cheap. These are the things that require budget:
Facebook ads to promote your content, including fees to create, launch, design and analyze your ads
Landing page copywriting, design and development Content research and writing
A budget of $1700 per month is minimum.