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“I manage social media myself, and want to learn how to maximise results

“I’m looking for a social media marketing agency to generate a consistent flow of leads

About Canny

Canny is a social media agency that helps SMEs to generate more sales through social media. As an SME, we understand the need to be practical in marketing. We know that whenever you spend money, you want a positive return on investment (ROI). You want to generate leads and sales to grow your company. Canny was born to create effective, sales-driven social media campaigns that generate leads for your company for the long term. With our predictable sales-driven methodology, our clients see massive revenue growth over a sustained period. Most social media agency doesn’t know how to turn Facebook likes into customers. They can’t measure ROI, nor do they know how to. We do. Our claim to fame is that we have generated the highest ROI for our clients, amongst all the social media agencies in Singapore. Our clients achieve an average of 23% increase in sales enquiries, 3000 increase in fans, 210% increase in engagements (likes, shares and comments).

Increase in sales enquires
increase in fans
increase in engagements (likes. shares and comments)

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